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About three hundred years ago, the existence of this temple is just a hill in the shrub, which the locals called as forest of Borobudur. For the first time the name of Borobudur is known from Negara_Kertagama manuscript written by Mpu_Prapanca in the year 1365 AD, mentioned a monastery in the Budur area. Later in the Babad Tanah Jawi script (1709 - 1710), there is a story of Mas_Dana, a rebel against the king Pakubuwono I, who was caught in the Forest of Borobudur and sentenced to death. Later in the year 1758, there was a story about a prince from Yogyakarta, the Prince Monconagoro interested to see the 1000 statue was in ruins in the jungle of Borobudur. Then in 1814, Thomas Stamford Raffles, get the news from his men, about the existence of hills that covered with carved stones. According to the news, Raffles then sent Cornelius, an admirer of art and history to clean up the hill. With the help of about 200 villagers, HC. Cornelius immediately cleaning and removing the soil covering the Borobudur Temple in 1835. And the efforts of the Head of Kedu residency, the temple can be displayed fully as previously.

Melur Beach - Batam Tourism

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Batam is one of the islands in the Riau Islands Province. Dominance of marine tourism can actually be an alternative for Batam residents and travelers for a vacation. But unfortunately all maritime tourism potential in this area, looking very minimal handling and innovation development. One of maritime tourist direction that frequently visited is Melur beach, because the white sand and a vast clean and clear panorama of the sea. Melur beach on Galang island territory, which is one of the islands in the group of islands that extends to the southeast island of Batam, and between each island has been connected by bridge.
For those who like to do culinary tour is available at various beach seafood or seafood, from crab, squid, and some types of fish are ready devoured by various preparations.

Barelang Bridge - Batam

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Another side of Barelang Bridge

The alternative to escape from daily busy day